Shooting confirmed at Market Place Mall in Champaign

Rene Dunn, Champaign police spokeswoman, said that at 4:36 p.m. officers responded to the Market Place Mall for a report of a reckless driver in the parking lot.

At that time, they encountered a male who was firing shots at another male.

Both of the officers on the scene discharged their weapons.

“Our officers were involved in an officer-involved shooting and both subjects were shot,” Dunn said. “They have been taken to the hospital at this time for treatment of injuries."

The site of the shooting occurred near the LensCrafters breezeway, outside. Dunn said there is no indication of shots being fired inside, but is still being investigated.

Dunn said the mall is currently secure with the exception of the crime scene, which is also under investigation.

Multiple people have been detained or taken into temporary custody to determine their level on involvement.

Dunn confirmed two victims were transported to the hospital, with their status unknown.

The motive of the shooting is also currently being investigated.

Michelle McCann, senior in LAS, was at the Market Place Mall at the time of the shooting.

McCann said she was shopping in the store Forever 21 when she saw people running through yelling there was a shooter in the mall and people should take cover.

“I ran through the employee's back exit, which took me out to the back part of the mall between JCPenney and Sears,” she said. “I had to run around the circumference of the mall to get to my car and I drove off.”

McCann said the music playing in the store was too loud to hear a distinct gunshot.

“I definitely heard a sound, but I didn’t know it was a gunshot when I heard it,” she said.

Champaign Mayor-elect Don Gerard released a statement over the shooting.

“A tragic event has punctuated what was an extraordinary weekend for

Champaign. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's families. I am thankful for the swift response of our first-responders and the units which support their efforts in such unfortunate times of crisis," Gerard said in the press release. "I urge members of the community to support response efforts.”

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