Democrat David Gill concedes 13th District congressional race to Republican Rodney Davis

Democrat David Gill conceded the Illinois' 13th District congressional race Friday evening, several days after a close victory was called for Republican candidate Rodney Davis. 

"It has become clear to me, based on the numbers I've seen, that there are simply not enough uncounted ballots remaining to wipe out the current 1,287 vote deficit I face in this election," Gill said in a press release. 

The final tally of the vote had Davis receiving 136,596 votes, versus 135,309 for Gill. The narrow difference between the votes, 46.60 percent for Davis and 46.16 percent for Gill, was the reason for Gill's review of all county polls, he said in the press release. Independent candidate John Hartman received 21,241 votes, or 7 percent.

Gill's concession brings to end a highly contested race funneled in over $7 million from outside interest groups and political action committees. Leading those numbers was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which gave $2.76 million for advertisements opposing Davis. The conservative group American Action Network Inc. had spent about $1.48 million on advertisements opposing Gill.

Davis announced his victory on the night of the election, thanking his family for their support.

“I love you all very much,” he said. “You’re the reason I ran for this office, you’re the reason I’m going to Washington, D.C. to make some of the tough decisions that need to be made.”