Proposed Assembly Hall fee would be unfair to students

While I am an avid supporter of Illini athletics, especially the basketball team, I believe that, first off, it is unfair to subject the 42,000 students and the future students to agree to a fee that would be approved by 2,800 students. 

A petition on the Fighting Illini website asks that a $25 fee be charged to students to support a renovation of Assembly Hall. Also, I believe that the fee provides no additional perks for students. We will be paying for promotions and discounts that we already receive, and I’m sure our ticket prices will also go up throughout the life of this project. 

I believe there should be proper parity. If we, as students, agree to this deal, we should receive a freeze in ticket prices throughout the terms of this deal as I’m sure ticket prices will increase. I propose that as ticket prices increase, student tickets stay proportional so that students pay the same amount now for tickets as they will in the future. 

To ask to subject students to an additional $25 fee in a world where the cost of tuition supersedes inflation rates, without offering a concrete incentive, is unfair and taking advantage of students school spirit. 

I have no doubt that students will agree to this fee, but isn’t our institution better than taking advantage of 18- to 24-year-olds? The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics should offer the students a better incentive than a student lounge and increased student seating to secure the estimated 17 percent  of the total cost of construction that we would contribute. 

What do you think? 

Keithan Hedrick,

law school student, 

Class of 2015

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